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Launching mid-November 2018:

"Life with Holley ... never boring!"

Welcome to Life with Holley! What will you find here on a weekly basis, beginning November 2018?

  • Practical guidance tips for leading a life of positivity
  • Shared laughs
  • Life Lessons I've learned
  • An imparting of true hope
  • Motivation that sparks your creativity and desire to have fun!

Developed after a long while of nudging, the purpose of this blog is to add something positive to all our daily lives.  What you will find here besides How To suggestions and antidotes is my photography work. [More on my background and photography work can be found under “About” in the main menu.]

It is my goal to pass along what I have learned works (and what doesn’t)  in the striving to reach, maintain, and continue growing a life that is filled with an inner sense of daily well being.  I've found through personal experimentation that developing inner well being brings with it a feeling of true gratitude and a desire to show sincere kindness toward others. The result of this outlook on life is a honest enthusiasm to live life, rather than just exist day to day.

To accommodate the time you have available for adding a little boost to any type day you're having, Life with Holley blog posts will be broken down into two sections: “SPEED PEEK” and “UNDERSTAND MORE”.

  • “SPEED PEEK” is a condensed overview; a great filler while commuting, waiting in a line, or passing a little time while the kettle boils.
  • “UNDERSTAND MORE” is formatted for when you have a few more minutes to relax and take a break; a more thought provoking, comical read, as well as some practical tips to growing positivity in your own life.

No matter how busy or relaxed each day's schedule finds you, I truly look forward to spending time with you here each week. So glad to have your company on the path of life.  See you soon!!

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