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Accepting Limitations and Adapting To Realities

Build Around What Won’t Move

Please Note:
Beginning next week, January 19, 2019,
regularly scheduled posts are
moving from once a week, to every other week.

My #1 reason to make a change:
Because what is currently in place is either not working, or, would work better by implementing change. That’s it, plain and simple.

This week’s short article is about gaining positive outcomes as a result of embracing change, rather than resisting it. (It could also be classified as a true to life example of implementing change. Please note: This is also an announcement of publishing schedule change; see above.)
While not lengthy, and not in the normal format, I hope this brief example can help if you’re teetering on the fence to make decisions about change needed in your life, as well as strengthen your resolve to take action.

At the very end of last week’s article “3 Secrets to Making Time for Fun Most Busy People Miss”, I had mentioned:

Note: May be published
as late as January 19, 2019
Might have to place it on
the Lazy Susan to catch-up 😉

Well, the change of publish date has indeed come to pass; not only for the article on Acceptance, but all following posts as well.

It occurred to me that giving notice of this changed schedule is a good opportunity to point out:
(1) An example of change in the case of accepting limitations and adapting to realities
(2) How I went about making the decision that change was needed

Creating this blog is one of the most exciting, worthwhile projects I’ve taken on. My enthusiasm to blast forward is off the charts, as sharing with you is a true labor of love for me. Given these facts, you can imagine the look on my face as I began realizing my initial calculations, as to how frequently I would be able to publish my best effort, were off-mark.
Yes, after only 4 consecutive weeks of publishing, signs that I was barely keeping life balanced were obvious; prompting me to consider a change may be in order. But wow, I sure did not want to change what I believed had already been thought through! Maybe I just needed to tweak my schedule? Perhaps I just had not given myself enough time to settle into the rhythm of my new regiment? I waited another few weeks. While life did become a bit smoother, the math just was not adding up; it was clearly time to weigh the cost against the results, and what change, if any, could be made.
I’ve learned over the years, through my successes and lessons, that the way I lead life in general will always require recalibration to meet the changes that life itself presents. Meaning:

When things aren’t going according to plan, start thinking from a stance of flexibility.

With the small adjustments not cutting it, I had to set emotion aside, and take a hard look, in order to come to the following conclusion (which I’ve also reached in many other situations):

Trying to force a difficult situation is not the answer, especially when there is the option to change the rules we’ve set for ourselves.

How did I get to the point of deciding change was need, and accepting the change as a positive? I had to take a look at the situation as a whole.
Putting aside my emotion of determination, and pulling back far enough to take a hard look at the whole situation, I found the clear answer why change was needed: After months of research and set up to get the ball rolling for this website, I began writing. I wrote post after post, until one day, approximately 2 weeks before kickoff, I realized I truly wanted the posts for this blog to be composed differently than what I had been working on. Even though this left me without the tidy writing stash I’d accumulated (which I knew would be best to have in hand before launching) I did not see this as a reason to delay the launch date, so launch I did. (This was one of those times in life that it felt right to jump into the deep end and just start swimming.)

Now, by stepping back to see if change was needed, it allowed me to see that I already knew there was a good possibility a change would be necessary, somewhere, which made it very easy to follow through on.
Even if I was not able to discern where there was prior indication that change may be needed, by viewing the entire circumstance without the emotional interference, it would still have been clear to see that change, rather than forcing things to continue as they were, would be needed.

Keep in mind, it is usually not easy to separate emotion from most situations, much less something you’re passionate about. This is why many times in the past, I have enlisted the help of someone not directly affected by the situation.

Describing the facts of a situation to someone, and then hearing them repeat it back to you, often works like a charm to filter out your emotions.

In closing, when it comes to change based on accepting my limitations, adapting to realities, and staying enthused about the changes,  here is a list of summarized steps that I take to get myself moving:

  1. Base changes on the facts after emotion is set aside; enlist help from someone not directly involved to set aside emotion.
  2. Adopt the changes made as my new reality.
  3. Reiterate to myself that I am removing obstacles.
  4. Think about the hardship it’s saving me, and allow myself to feel gratitude for the change.
  5. Jump in and start swimming!

Looking forward to publishing the first post on the new schedule next week!

Speaking of…
Next Week: Acceptance


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