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My name is Holley, and I’m so glad to meet you, or see you again on this blog!  For anyone who isn’t familiar with me already, I’d like to share a little bit about myself, so you can get a better feel for the background of who’s writing this blog about positivity, and who’s behind the lens of the accompanying photography.

I was born and raised in Central California, United States, and have held residence here my entire life.  Career wise, my fundamental background is managing small businesses, including two of my own.  Life has also presented me with numerous other opportunities taken, a couple of which are Certified Paraprofessional (public and private school systems) and working on behalf of non profit organizations as an independent Certified Grant Writer.  I started photographing at 11 years old; a neighborhood friend modeling for me, dressed in an old business skirt suit of my Mother’s.  Years later, this zest for visually relaying life to others, as I see it through my eyes, lead me to:
-Fulfilling engagements at four California art galleries as Featured Artist; showcasing full collections
-My work auctioned at high profile special events
-Inspiring new photographers as a guest motivational speaker for an adult education photography course
-Magazine article written about my showings
-Local newspapers highlighting my work
-Four exhibitor competition awards
-An organically growing Instagram feed (which I adore!)


As for my experience in living a life based on positivity, I am beginning my 24th year of this ongoing journey, and loving each day more than the last!  Yes, even on the ‘less than fun days’, I get a honest laugh to accompany my learning of life lessons.  Another thing you should probably know:  Since 2014, I have been living with a diagnosed condition which causes chronic physical pain.  I mention this because of the success I’ve had in maintaining a spirit of positivity and sincere caring for others, despite the setbacks of my condition.  Nurturing a positive outlook plays a major role in my ability to manage pain; with primarily only sporadic use of low dosage analgesics.

Why start a blog? After much nudging to share the How To knowledge I live by, on a scale larger than the one-to-one basis I have dedicated myself to for years, this blog was born.  It is my goal to pass along what I have learned works (and what doesn’t) to build, grow, and maintain a positive way of looking at life in general, and to share new discoveries made or investigated.  Keeping mindful of the How Tos, and remaining teachable, have served me well in balancing life’s ups and downs; lightening my overall load tremendously.  It is my sincere hope that what I’ve found, and continue to find, will serve you well too!

With kindest regards always,
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